Download your Mouthpiece: The Open Mouthpiece designer

Download your Mouthpiece: The Open Mouthpiece designer

In March, we introduced a free site that offered an online mouthpiece designer.

This site allows you to design your own mouthpiece, adjusting any of some 22 parameters to create your perfect mouthpiece.

Today we’re announcing that it just got better!

Now, not only can you design your own mouthpiece, but you can also download it!!

You can now download an STL file suitable for 3D printing. You can send it to be printed professionally to a 3D printing bureau, or you could print it on your own printer.

The only advice we’d give: 3D printing tends not to give smooth surfaces, and as brass players we tend to want a smooth surface against our lips. Therefore, we’d recommend exploring either sanding the surface smooth, or coating it eg. with a skin suitable enamel or paint. If doing this, we’d recommend focusing only on the rim which comes into contact with your skin. Leave the remainder so that it can retain its intended organological function.

Have fun, and do contact us to let us know what you manage to make and how well it works. And remember, if they’re cheap to make, you are free to experiment.

And if you have a 3D printer but don’t play an instrument, find your nearest brass, wind or marching band. I’m sure you’ll find players that would be interested in trying this out.

Remember, no brass player can ever have enough mouthpieces!