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Book 1: Horns and Trumpets of the European Iron Age

Why are horns and trumpets such an important part of ancient life? How do they breathe and speak to ancient peoples? Why do the same stories of brass pop up everywhere. All the questions and more are answered by Dr Holmes, the acknowledged world expert on ancient brass in this controversial and ever-questioning approach to the world’s most awe-inspiring instruments.

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Multiple volumes cover the material in various depths.

Book 1

Instruments from the European Iron Age.

Released July 2022.

Book 2

Instruments from the Etruscan, Greek and Roman civilisations.

Releases early 2023.

Book 3

Instruments from late Bronze-Age Europe.

Releases late 2023.

Book 4

Instruments from pre-metal ages in the Middle East.

Releases early 2024.

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As a part of our historical research, I have engaged in extensive study of the brass mouthpiece. This has resulted in an innovative online mouthpiece designer allows you to create custom mouthpieces that you can download and print using 3D printing technology.

Try the designer now. Select your instrument and adjust one of 20+ parameters to create your perfect mouthpiece.

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When the Romans replaced the Salpinx with the Tuba
Peter Holmes May 03, 2023

When the Romans replaced the Salpinx with the Tuba

For many centuries, the salpinx held its position as announcer in the Greek games or agon.

Download your Mouthpiece: The Open Mouthpiece designer
Peter Holmes March 19, 2023

Download your Mouthpiece: The Open Mouthpiece designer

In March, we introduced a free site that offered an online mouthpiece designer.

Introducing: The Open Mouthpiece designer
Peter Holmes March 19, 2023

Introducing: The Open Mouthpiece designer

Introducing an exciting new site that allows you, as a brass instrument player, to design and 3D print a mouthpiece for your instrument, starting from one of the pre-designed models on the site.