Introducing: The Open Mouthpiece designer

Introducing: The Open Mouthpiece designer

Introducing an exciting new site that allows you, as a brass instrument player, to design and 3D print a mouthpiece for your instrument, starting from one of the pre-designed models on the site.

Visit it HERE!

Based upon many years of organological study, this site encapsulates a deep knowledge about mouthpiece design - opening up the possibility of mouthpiece design to all musicians.

The mouthpiece model for this site was developed over two years, prior to the COVID lockdown. We are now presenting a fresh incarnation, in which we are making its features available, for free, for any use.

The site is not finished. The mouthpieces generated by the site need extensive testing. The model may need some refining. We look forward to and welcome your interest and contributions!

The site includes a number of preset mouthpieces (with PH- codes, so as to identify their creator, Dr Peter Holmes). These presets, however, represent only a small portion of the wide range of possible mouthpieces. We look forward to seeing (and hearing!) what you come up with!

See the for further details about the various adjustments that the site provides.

Let us know what you make of the site!