Outer Style

The PeakTone mouthpiece model provides five different decoration styles for the external surfaces of the mouthpiece. All the varoius forms are available on all sizes of mouthpiece. The available decorations are:

  • Slimline

    The Slimline mouthpiece decoration yields the shape which is cheapest to print, having no rings or other such dcorative features. At the same time, this form has the ability to be decorated using the ID function, when the decorated element on the mouthpiece is long enough. Thus, mouthpieces whose cup length represents less around a quarter of of their overall length may be decorated, this including trumpet/cornet mouthpieces but excluding those designed for the tuba.


    This decoration form has a few decorative elements but not as many as are incorporated on the Traditional form.


    This decoration most matches that seen on a tradition decorated trumpet.


    This decoration has a very bulky bulb, of a form seen on some commercial mouthpieces. Some players consider that the use of such a mouthpiece improves their tone.


    This form of decoration is most like that seen on cornet and flugel horn mouthpieces.